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The official site of the author of the Musashi series of books.

The official site of the author of the Musashi series of books., David Kirk.

Fun Times With Editing

All your ideals, all your great and wondrous works, all that which you cherish... All these things are mine to pee on.

The third draft of Hours of the Dog is done. Despite deleting 20,000 words from it somehow it now clocks in at 180,000 words. I cannot solve this riddle, so it is off to the editors now to see what they have to say. 18 months of work, hope they don't shatter my ego too hard.

Above is my puppy Bosworth to whom I can now dedicate my time (my hours of the dog...), along with my looming wedding next month. Weddings in Japan are serious business. People can tell you with straight faces that a mound of flowers sitting on a table is actually worth £250! Add to this organising getting my family over from the UK... things are gonna be busy.

Congratulations to Eleanor Catton on winning the Booker prize and, being the same age as me, simultaneously denying me the chance of becoming the youngest author to ever win it.

US Paperback Cover Reveal

I can now reveal to you the cover art of the US paperback edition. Click below to enlarge: 

The central figure is an ukiyo-e woodblock print by Utagawa Toyokuni, who interestingly enough was the teacher of Kuniyoshi, the artist who was responsible for the figure on the hardback edition. The paperback is released in North America on December 3rd.

Second piece of news is that I have finished the second draft of Hours of the Dog. It clocks in at 178,000 words, compared to Child of Vengeance which was 112,000. That being said I feel it can still be cut down further, so I might take a third crack at it before sending it off to my editors. It'll be worth waiting for. It's more audacious and exciting and weird and historical than Child of Vengeance. The ending makes the battle of Sekigahara seem tame.

Otherwise, the humid summer in Japan crawls on. It's 2am as I type this (waiting for the Manchester City game which kicks off at 4am here) and it's still 30 degrees and high humidity. The only air con i have in my house is downstairs, my office has nothing but a shitty little fan whirring away. End it please god, give me autumn...

Because I failed, they constantly ignore me…